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About us

Welcome in our home cultivating cordially Cavalier and Yorkshire „Begret”.


My name is Liliana. Recently my husband and I have taken up residence in our dream country-house manor near Gdansk. In our opinion we managed to create excellent living conditions for us and our four-legged friends.

Since 1992, we have been in business of professional dog breeding, because small pups or big dogs were always in our family household.

First bitch cavalier tricolor – ROXANE-Atavi, we have bought from Atavi cultivation from p. Kromp. And so, our adventure has begun with this beautiful breed. As a small puppy, Roxane was a nice tiny puppy in which instantly the whole family fell in love with. We learned from other breeders as well as various researched publications about the breed’s, training, cherishing and certainly show exposure techniques, which was not simple at that time.

Exhibitions came later – championships, awards -medals but sometimes a sorrow taste of defeat.

ROXANE was caring mom. She fostered fine puppies who reached for Ch.PL awards. Now, she’s with us on so-called retirement and helps us with fostering her grandsons.

In the beginning, we could not allow for more than one cavalier but when an occasion arose we kept ROXANE and Int.Ch. SUN DREAMERA de Passeriphane’s daughter – ANGELINA-ROXANE-Begret- the sweet blenheim.

We 2

In short time, a long awaited -black bitch ACCRA-Santana Gwellian took residence in our household and this year our family has increased (fresh blood) by our sweet bitch tricolor- ETINKA from Mrs. Irena Gorlicka. She has a great character and extremely curious origin. We hope that she will enrich our cultivating stock for better exterier puppies.

YORKs – are the first love of my daughter. Combing, bows, bow-ties and ribbons. We bought our first York from a known and valued breeder ” Decoris” of Mrs. Aneta Dopierała. We 3
CANDY-CORTINA-Decoris- she has a perfect origin -the best line of raising in Europe in the Zw. World. We have left a daughter from her first pregnancy with MICHELL from Am. Int. Champ. TIFFANY’S MAJOR THREAT. We came to convince ourselves that Yorkshire can be very sweet, quiet and have great loving heart, just like cavaliers do.

Our small cultivating group is cared by veterinarians’ Ewa and Jaroslaw Mikołajewscy. They take care of all the vaccination deadlines, deworming, heart monitoring and any other concerns that we might have. We THANK them!

All puppies from our cultivating have documented origins. We try to breed them with the finest mate in Poland and all of Europe seeking maximum Exterier breed perfection.

Genuine Dog Kennel


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Yorkshire Terrier